Free Flow Electrophoresis is applied as a sample pre-cleaning or fractionation step before further analysis. With FFE it is aimed to isolate analytes selectively from the sample, e.g. as a part of a separation procedure. The principle technique is very suited for miniaturization which is a focus on the FFE-Forum. Since capillary electrophoresis also works in the low volume realm one may question, are both techniques competitive or complementary to each other?

Typically at the FFE-Forum the performance of free-flow electrophoresis (FFE) will be demonstrated in oral and poster presentations covering current development of FFE-systems and their application. Speakers from a variety of scientific areas will provide a comprehensive overview of the possible scope of application of the FFE technique.

FFE is most widely applied in the bio-analytical sector. Bacteria, algae, cell, organelles, DNA and protein complexes can be separated and enriched. Furthermore, inorganic ions can be completely separated using complexing agents.

This forum is designed to appeal to scientist and equipment manufacturers. Presentations will include a critical evaluation of FFE and will also address everyday problems.

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